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Our Top 7 Unique Pimped Out Rides of 2014

on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 14:04

Welcome car aficionados! Ever wish you could hop on that conference call and get some work done while sitting in morning traffic? Well, you aren’t the only one. We’ve created a list of our favorite customized vehicles whose optional accessories go above and beyond a sunroof and satellite radio. We’re talking about cars with zombie apocalypse survival modifications, a casino interior, and ice cream on the go!  Voted the best in their class, check out our list of the most unique pimped out rides of 2014. Ready, set, drive!

#1 – Ice Cream Truck

Voted “Best Ice Cream Shop on Wheels”. The creative car designers at G.A.S. gave this car a sweet new look with three scoops, extra whip cream and a cherry on top! This children’s paradise sparkles with a touchscreen menu, 42” plasma TV, IPod mixer, speaker system with a mic for karaoke, and an out of this world robotic arm to dispense ice cream within any child’s reach! Mr. Softy never had flava like this!